WA Schools PPP

WA Schools PPP




Perth, WA


2015 - Current


$631 million


Private Sector

Services Provided

Sponsor Financial Adviser Equity Investor Debt Underwriter SPV Manager NED Services

Driving Innovation and Local Industry Participation

In 2015, the Western Australian State Government (State) agreed a $631 million contract with the EduWest consortium to design, build, finance and maintain 4 primary and 4 secondary schools under a Public Private Partnership (PPP). This was a new approach for schools in WA, using an asset driven, lifecycle cost approach to construction and maintenance, and setting the levels and costs of maintenance and facilities management until 2047.

Sammy led all aspects of the transaction – including consortium formation, leading both the consortium and the financial advisory teams, establishing the SPV and sitting on the board of the project from 2015 until 2020.

Sammy’s value add included ensuring the PPP delivered the State’s desired design outcomes, delivering a never before seen ESD solution with 2.4MW of solar generation across the eight schools, and importantly, enabling local specialist schools builders BADGE and Perkins Builders to participate under the PPP structure.

Tom has been a non-executive director of EduWest from its establishment in 2015.